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Dialogue Five   Opening an Account

A: Can I help you?
甲:能为您效劳吗? 
B: Yes. I'd like to open an account, please.

A: What sort of account did you have in mind?
B: I'm not very sure. Perhaps you can make some suggestions to me.

A: How much money do you plan to keep in your account on a regular basis?
B: I only receive $1000 a month and that has to cover all my expenses.

A: I see. What you really need is a checking account, so you can pay your bills.
B: That's right. But I've heard that there's some sort of joint checking savings account that allows me to earn a little interest on my money to help defray the cost of the account itself.
乙:完全正确。但我听说有一种联合支票储蓄帐户,它允许我赚一点利息去帮助支付帐户本身的花费。 

A: Yes. We have an account like that.
甲:是的,我们有这样的帐户。 
B: Can you tell me how it works?
乙:您能告诉我它是怎样运做的吗? 

A: Sure. It's simple.
甲:当然可以,它很简单。 
B: How do I open this account?
乙:我怎么开这种帐户? 

A: Please fill out these forms, sign your name and it'll be all set.